Summit Innovation Labs (SIL) is dedicated to the prevention and early treatment of priority health care challenges.  

We leverage the latest global scientific research and open innovation to develop novel, safe, effective and broadly affordable health and personal care products.

Our short-term focus includes:

  • Prevention and early treatment of cardiovascular diseases (CVD). 

  • Promoting whole body wellness, extending quality of life and personal productivity and,

  • Dramatic reduction in cardiac and related healthcare costs.  

Why SIL Focuses on Cardiovascular Health

CVD affects the entire human body and humanityIn fact, right now it's the number one cause of death, globally. Despite major scientific advances, the mortality rate from CVD as well as the costs continue to grow. That is primarily because current health care focuses on treating the diseases' symptoms instead of holistic prevention.

Our goal is to transform CVD care and prevention. Our approach efficiently addresses all known CVD biological and chemical triggers with a clinically proven design and solution. This is with a safe and cost effective “propriety” technology platform that holistically prevents and/or offers early treatment of CVD.

SIL is headed up by an experienced and industry-recognized team of scientists, innovators, business development leaders and entrepreneurs. 

Meet The Team

Gabe E. Tzeghai Ph.D.,
Chief Executive Officer


CL photo -headshot.jpg

Catherine L. Scruggs

Chief Operating Officer/
Chief Financial Officer

Satya N. Majeti M.Sc., Ph.D.,

Chief Technologist

Haile Mehansho, Ph.D.,

Chief Scientist