Who We Partner With and Related Services

  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
  • Chemical Companies including Green Technology Innovators
  • Research and Higher Education Institutions
  • Interim Leadership and Management (service)
  • Private Equity Firms

Please scroll down to learn about the types of organizations and corresponding services offered by Summit Innovation Labs. 

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Mass Market, OTC and Rx

  • New business creation and development

  • Expand innovator’s open innovation ecosystems and strategy for pace and productivity in R&D

  • Global idea-to-market innovations

  • Multidisciplinary partnerships and collaboration for translational research and innovation to address higher order business and technical challenges in life sciences related businesses

  • Clinical and biostatistics services

Chemical Companies + Green Technology Innovators

  • R&D strategy

  • Open innovation

  • Chemistry solutions

  • Multilateral collaborations on innovation

Research and Higher Education Institutions

  • Strategic vision

  • Multilateral collaborations on innovation

  • Translational research best practices

Leadership / Management (Interim)

  • Interim R&D executives (CTO, etc.) 

  • Interim senior scientists and senior technologists

Private Equity

  • Efficient assessment of technology and its commercial value

  • Strategies and leadership for integration of talent following mergers and acquisitions