Consultation Process

Step 1

Understanding your business development needs, capabilities and gaps in reference to achieving your short and long term business goals.

Step 2

Clearly defining the what in partnership with your team. 


We work with you to identify and prioritize the key consumer initiatives and consumer benefits within your area of business focus. We will also conduct the necessary patent and scientific literature search to understand intellectual property (IP) opportunities, and identify and address any freedom to practice issues.

Step 3

Defining how or the strategy to deliver the benefits and business results.


Important choices are made at this stage in line with your overall R&D strategy and business goals, to achieve a balanced portfolio of initiatives. Depending on your organization’s needs, abilities and objectives, we may start with internal open innovation or targeted open innovation.

Internal Open Innovation: Fostering Short-Term Productivity + Pace

We quickly assess how many of the desired initiatives are deliverable with existing in-house resources and capabilities. Internal open innovation may include re-purposing under-utilized technology, data, capabilities, research and information; so your organization gets more out of what is currently available.

Based on that assessment we’ll work with you to quickly implement those initiatives.

Targeted Open Innovation (OI): Collaboration + Innovation

Some initiatives may require external resources and capabilities in which we pursue targeted open innovation and collaborations with suppliers of concepts, technologies, materials, products and capabilities. 

  • SIL would lead the effort to quickly upgrade or establish leading edge OI capabilities, processes, culture and talent in-house (as appropriate) for sustained application.

  • Potential OI partners would be those with proven multidisciplinary, multi-institution R&D and holistic innovation collaboration capabilities and cultures including the well-established leading innovation eco systems such as those in Israel, India, Silicon Valley and US Government Labs.

  • SIL would continue working with the clients until project goals are met, while managing the external OI interface for efficiency and cost optimization.